Hey guys. one thing you have to know about me, a basic fundamental to understanding me as a person, is that i, james [redacted], fucking love team rocket. I love team rocket.
Probably more than anyone on the planet, a factoid that I made up but I am willing to bet at least a little money on.
I'm at least in the top five. Whatever.
Point is, I'm an autistic person! and I hope it comes across in the way I wrote it!.
If you've wanted to see more people with highly specific and detailed level of knowledge
about things that kinda dont matter at all,
I'm the team rocket guy. you can cross that one off your list. Yay!

Nothing opinionated I say here is like objective about the characters or about certain opinions others have about the characters, I'm just sharing my perspective of it!.

Call it uhh. like a lot of character study. Admittedly a non zero amount of it is from shit I've made the hell up in my head lmao.
I know there is 26 years of total runtime and thats like a Lot even and kinda especially for denominated secondary characters like the team rocket trio, but its just like idk. I've eaten through a lot of it. I speedran that shit.
Runtime would essentially include every radio special and misc appearences in non pokemon media as well as offical outsider pokemon media, but music as well. The music is really fucking good by the way. Like most of those songs are bangers.
As expected, many many things ended up only available today because of archives, and also are in japanese. Japanese, because of the way it works fundemantally, does not translate very well into english. Automated and non translated niche websites or whatever wont ever be naturally translated, websites that are small or niche enough will never be touched by anyone outside of that language, its inacessable unless you can navigate it properly.

Anyway, the point is that at least a good part of information pertaining the tr trio is unseen. The people who watch the anime and have the tr trio as characters slip by without paying attention to it, are missing out on some of the most interesting underlying dynamics in this franchise, period.
I dont blame you if you did, not at all! their schtick wasnt the most interesting, they can be Very repetitive due to the fact that they were in Every Single Fucking episode from April 8th 1997 up until uhhh. XY? So. 2014?. That is a LOT of fucking episodes!
I cant be assed to crunch the numbers right now, but thats not counting every other episode that they were in after that point. they were still apart of the show, just not as much.

They get tiring, and even boring at times, which is entirely more egregious to me.

The team rocket trio is a group of criminals from Pokémon,
first introduced on April 8th 1997, featuring in the second aired episode of the anime.

Team Rocket as an organization is a mafia esque criminal gang dedicated to world domination and the aquisition of powerful pokémon.

However, Some agents are better at their jobs than others, you could say...
the team rocket trio, being the first in-show impressions of this organization, swiftly steal the hearts and adoration of the audience (and not much else,) with theatrical flair.
Their one and main goal is to snatch a certain special Pikachu from a certain twerpish child, stopping at nothing to get their hands on the rat.

yes, you heard me right.
songs! there are many, and they're actually pretty good.
A side that not a lot of folks know of, the team rocket trio in particular have something akin to a discography.
Ranging from anthems to rap to polka to love ballads, you can find them scattered about online both in english and japanese.
Heres my favorites and where to find them!
rockinroller 2022 !!!!