(BTW this site kiiinda hates mobile, and likely works best in firefox sorry!!!)

HELLO!!! welcome 2 my little house feel free to gently touch and go aaaah oooh...
this is rockinroller!! my own little pocket in space n time!

you feel the space, its kinda cold
you can almost see your breath in the glass walls, and your face reflected in the rainbow bubbles

(it smells a bit like raspberries too...)

feel free to leave a little hello on my guestbook if you'd like! its over there by the vaporeon : ) he has the pencils

current 2 do list
  • revamp abt, index, and pkmn pages
  • start on ocs page
  • start splatoon shrine
  • its a mystery!!!

i'll definitely add more than this stuff obv i'm just focusing on these rn

add me 2 your site? : )



Bechno Kid's Hideout

rockinroller 2022 !!!!